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Women United®

As an integral part of United Way, Women United® advocates for women who want to further their education. We are a diverse and vibrant community and with our powerful, global network of women leaders over 70,000 strong, Women United® is a powerful force for good in the areas of income, education, and health.

At United Way of Lake & Sumter Counties, we tackle the issues that matter most to the people who call it home. We empower each other to leverage our passions, ideas, expertise, and resources to boost every woman’s chance for success in school, work, and life. Women United® of UWLS focuses on education largely for the women of our ALICE population.

Reestablished and reinvented in 2021, we are looking to rapidly grow this initiative.

Our focus includes:

  • Raising funds for scholarships
  • Empowering women’s economic stability
  • Changing the lives of their children by giving a hand-up to the mom in the family
  • Building the next generation of leaders
  • Creating meaningful mentorships to build confidence & good habits


ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. Simply put, individuals in the ALICE population are working but struggling financially to make ends meet. They are worried about paying the rent or mortgage every month and often work more than one job. Currently, ALICE represents over 46% of our population. Many of them have the drive and ambition to succeed at higher levels but have lacked the opportunity. They want more than a hand-out; they want a hand up.

Looking for an interactive way to educate others about ALICE and what they go through every month? Check out the Walk In My Shoes tool – this online, interactive simulation will “walk” you through a month in the life of an ALICE household in Central Florida.

To learn more about ALICE, visit: https://www.hfuw.org/meetalice/



In 2021, we are looking for amazing women to lead the charge in our revitalized Women United program. We are looking to raise a total of $50,000. These dollars will be spent on scholarships to support women going back to school to further their careers and economic stability.

To learn more about how to get involved, email womenunited@uwls.org .



To help us reach this goal, we seek new members to join our mission at either the investor level at $1,000 annually or the supporter level at $250 annually.



All of our engagement opportunities work towards supporting the ALICE community. Together, we are “leading the charge and inspiring change” in our community.

Attending virtual and in-person events is a great way to connect with fellow Women United members and learn about your impact in the community. We encourage you to bring your friends and colleagues to these events to allow them to learn more about Women United.

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Another great way to put your skills to work, or practice new ones, is by joining one of our sub-committees to coordinate, lead, and execute initiatives that support the Women United mission. Currently, we are looking for members to join our 2021 Women United Board. If you are interested in being involved and would like to learn more about our kickoff event, please contact womenunited@uwls.org .