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our mission    

Women United will inspire current and future female leaders by

sharing our stories, resources, and successes with women and girls.   

Our Next Event:

Women United will host their first event for the year on January 7 at the Leesburg Center for the Arts.  We will enjoy an evening of networking and creaating our path for the next year.  This group is about empowering current and future female leaders but how we do that is up to us.  We will discuss how to grow membership, different ways to be engaged, and most importantly- how do we want to help our community.  



What is Women United?

WOMEN UNITED is a group of women in our coummunity coming together to create hope and change in their communities.  We are also a part of a larger network of 70,000+ women in over 165 communities raising our voices, rolling up oursleeves, and leaving our fingerprints on a legacy of change that benefits everyone. Our local WOMEN UNITED of Lake & Sumter Counties has created a way to connect women and help them to inspire hope in their communities by hosting 2 giving events and 2 networking/learning events annually.  

Have you ever thought-"I wish someone had told me that!"?  This is why we created our "Everything Your Mama  Never Told You About..." series.  The topics will range from finances to golfing but will always include time for networking.  Women are the story tellers of our culture and it is important for them to share their experiences with the next generation.  

Our giving events give women the opportunity to feel the empowerment of giving and supporting causes they are passionate about.  Women have always been givers of their talents and time but what if we could do more together in our community?  Each giving event will have a cocktail networking time followed by a half hour program of three nonprofits sharing their goals of how they will create change.  Each WOMEN UNITED  member votes for the agency they feel should receive the money.  When we reach a 100 women in the room- we will give a nonprofit $10,000!  Imagine the impact on our communities and the hope we are able to infuse into our females both young and old. Our evening ends with a celebration of the impact we have on each other and the organizations of those we support.  

Is there a cost?  Yes, all good things do have a price tag.  The membership is $250 annually.  This provides you with opportunities for giving, networking, and learning at one price.  There are no additional tickets to purchase for the events.  We will have opportunities from the national network of WOMEN UNITED for both social and political involvement.  

JOIN NOW   by making your donation today and selecting to designate to WOMEN UNITED. Follow us on FaceBook.

More info?  Please contact Michelle at (352) 360-9088.  


To inspire change we will:

  • Operate as an independent affinity group of UWLS to support women and girls in our community.
  • Accomplish our mission by identifying, celebrating and rewarding the successful organizations that align with our mission in Lake and Sumter County.
  • Mentor each other and accept a leadership role in mentoring others in the community.
  • Volunteer our time with organizations that align with our mission and value us as partners in leading change.
  • Commit to give a minimum of $250 a year to advance our mission.
  • Lead others in understanding the value of writing a check along with giving their time and talent.


Our Next event is scheduled for January 7 at the Leesburg Center for Arts.