Who do we help?

Programs designed to serve those in need.

United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties helps the residents of Lake and Sumter counties experiencing a need in income, education, and health.

Our programs are designed to serve:

  • Individuals and families in need of rental or mortgage assistance in order to avoid homelessness
  • Individuals and families in need of keeping their power connected with utility bill payments
  • Teachers in early learning classrooms who need proper supplies for learning
  • Early Learning Center students who crave knowledge, expression, and instruction
  • Individuals who need to save money on prescriptions
  • Individuals needing food and food pantry resources
  • Veterans who need help navigating the VA system of benefits
  • Veterans facing homelessness and food instability

In prior years, those we’ve had the most frequent pleasure to serve are these individuals and families who also fall within what is called the ALICE population, or those living paycheck to paycheck, having minimal options to meet life’s unexpected emergencies.

When working paycheck to paycheck, on a wage that barely covers the rent, a small reduction in hours or a flat tire on the way to work can cause decisions about which bill to pay or where the money’s coming from to buy groceries. United Way of Lake and Sumer is here to provide housing payment assistance and utility payment assistance, typically on a one time per year basis…when times are what one might call normal.

The year 2020 changed the meaning of the word “need” for thousands of our residents. That same year has changed who we help and who was in need of assistance. Hundreds of our now clients, were humbly asking for assistance for the first time ever in their lifetimes, dozens of Veterans were asking for help because other resources were simply overloaded with callers or virtual environments made finding help challenging, and still more landlords, agencies, and clients were reaching out with questions on funding through CARES as layoffs lingered and late balances rose by the minute.

Times have changed and our organization has gone through a transition. We’re still in the times when “need” is a far wider term than was once intended. We are still in a time when first time clients are far more the norm than the exception.

But…we are ALSO now in a time when those we consider as part of who we help, includes our donors.

  • We help those who participate in workplace campaigns make a difference over multiple pay periods.
  • We help those who wish to donate money to help others, trust their donation is helping directly.
  • We help Veterans help their fellow soldiers, even in honor of one who fallen.
  • We help our Tocqueville and Corporate Donors fulfill their generous charitable giving commitments.
  • We help 17 fellow Non-Profit agencies with quarterly grants and program funding.



We’re not the United Way of decades past and … we’ve not yet grown into our full potential. With BIG plans to expand our Master Teacher Program, add more Case Managers in satellite locations, and provide medical appointment transportation to our Veterans, there are many more that we’ll add to our list of who we help in the future.