UWLS & Grantee Agreement Guidelines

1.      Quarterly Reports will be submitted online and are due Mar 31, Jun 30, Sep 30, and Dec 31.


2.      Quarterly Reports MUST include a success story, using the following paragraph outline:

a.      Paragraph 1: What the person’s life was like before engaging your program.

b.      Paragraph 2: How the person learned and engaged your program.

c.       Paragraph 3: How your program changed the person’s life.

d.      Paragraph 4: The person’s verbal “Thank you” to United Way of Lake and Sumter for funding this program.

            The success story must be written with complete sentences with a subject and verb.

            Paragraphs must contain 3-5 sentences.


3.      Reports without a success story are INCOMPLETE and treated as NO REPORT.


4.      NO REPORT = NO CHECK. United Way does not have the luxury of time to constantly remind adults to submit their reports. Please schedule this on your calendar and To-do List. We will interpret a failure to submit a report on time your intention to withdraw from United Way funding.


5.      Grantees are required to attend quarterly collaboration meetings scheduled for Apr 18, Jul 18, Oct 17 at 3 pm. The next quarterly distribution checks will be presented at these meetings. Checks will not be mailed.


6.      Grantees agreed to schedule their United Way campaign with Anessa Hunt (352-787-7530 ext 234). Deadline to schedule campaign is March 31.


7.      Grantees agreed to post the United Way logos, signs, etc on brochures, website, and display the UW logo prominently at the location where the program is conducted. Failure to comply will result in the suspension of United Way funding. United Way will provide flash drives with United Way logos, and yard signs and window clings today.


8.      Grantees agreed to notify United Way of any program changes within 10 days of those changes in matters pertaining to change of program director, location, components, and delivery system.


Failure to comply with the Letter of Agreement will result in suspension of United Way funding.


NEXT GRANT CYCLE CHANGE: (1) Food pantries will be rolled into the same grant cycle, application and reporting requirements. (2) Everyone desiring to apply for grants must submit a Letter of Intent to United Way, outlining the proposed program. United Way will then invite organizations to apply, based on the Letter of Intent.


Questions regarding reporting requirements can be answered by Jennifer McNulty, the Community Impact Director. Her phone extension is 221 and email is programs2@uwls.org .