Education Success Stories

Providing Scholarships

Gretta Ellis graduated from the Take Stock in Children program at South Sumter High School in 2004 after joining the program in 10th grade. The help she received after an injury in high school led her to an interest in health care. Even then, her areas of interest included becoming a registered nurse. She credits the program with helping her achieve her dream of helping people in the medical field.


I am a single mom and I was working and providing for my first child and paying for childcare. I found myself pregnant again and I found myself in a situation where I needed help. As I was unable to afford paying for childcare for two children. I asked my daycare did they know of any programs that would help my pay for childcare. The daycare told me about the School Readiness Program.


I enjoyed and had a great experience with the class including the teaching style of Mr. Dennis. The reason I was so sure is I wanted to be able to prove to my son that if I could finish and get my diploma at the age of 36, then he can do the same at the age of 18. I dropped out of school at age 17 because I got into some trouble, and I also had my son on the way and had to start working full-time. Upon my release from jail, I plan to continue my schooling at Lake Technical College. I want to get my degree in Welding so I can provide a better life for me and my family.