Before Cyndi Jackson came to New Vision, she had lost her job – a career that she loved with a company she’d dedicated more than 20 years to – because of her visual impairment. She didn’t think she could be independence anymore, let alone work again. She found herself homebound, afraid to leave the house, afraid to cook, and depressed.

A few months into her training, Cyndi learned kitchen safety skills, how to ride the bus around town, and how to use her iPhone. She developed the confidence to join the Employability program at New Vision, which United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties helps support. Once in the program, she began attending job readiness and computer training. She updated her resume, mastered touch typing, and began her journey toward finding “a job that meant something”. Cyndi was hired by New Vision in May 2018. She is excelling at her job and is more independent than she’d ever been. “This program gave me my life back!”