The Founders of Stuckey Community Improvement Group have a personal stake in the small, unincorporated town near Mascotte.

Erica Neal and Shayla Mobley grew up across the street from each other on Stuckey Loop and have dedicated their lives to making sure community members have what they need.

On a visit to Stuckey, Shayla and Erica showed UWLS staff around the neighborhood on a golf cart tour. They talked about their impact and history while pointing out the homes where they have installed air conditioners and smoke detectors, fixed roofs and septic systems. They knew every person they passed by name, and told a couple of people the items they needed would be delivered to them soon.

The goal of their home preservation initiative is to make critical repairs so that homeowners can live in a safe and well-maintained home for years to come.

UWLS invests in local non-profit organizations whose services align within one of our three impact areas: Economic Mobility, Health, and Education. These are what are referred to as our funded partners. Stuckey Community Improvement Group Inc. falls under Economic Mobility, but they really touch all three. In addition to their home preservation and weatherization efforts in South Lake and Sumter Counties, they also feed Stuckey community members regularly and have a mentoring program for girls. 

Stuckey Community Improvement Group didn’t start as an official 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. It was the two women coming together, assessing the needs and finding solutions for community members. They spent money from their own pockets and fundraised independently to help their neighbors with things they needed. That started more than 20 years ago. They became a 501(c)(3) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group has now expanded their home preservation weatherization efforts into more of South Lake and in Sumter County. They installed more than 40 air-conditioning units during the summer of 2023, along with hundreds of smoke detectors. They’re now performing home assessments to evaluate the community’s needs for the winter months.

The organization doesn’t have an official building, but they hold events and neighborhood meals in the yard of one of the women’s mothers who still lives in the community. A building is at the top of their wishlist.

UWLS is proud to be community partners with organizations like Stuckey Community Improvement Group, which make a huge impact in the lives of residents of Lake and Sumter Counties.

To learn more about them, visit or follow them on Facebook.