Our Work

Real change requires tackling the source of community challenges, not just the symptoms. We envision a healthier, safer community with a skilled workforce that contributes to the local economy and a younger generation that is educated and equipped for the opportunities of tomorrow. United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties works to create long-lasting change by addressing our community’s most serious problems through a results-focused approach that meets basic needs and improves the overall quality of life for everyone in our community. We collaborate with community partners to leverage resources and services needed to improve the lives of our residents. Supporting opportunities in Education, Income and Health, we believe the residents of Lake and Sumter Counties can reach their highest potential.


… the building blocks for a good life and a strong community.
Education is essential to getting and keeping a job with a wage that can sustain a family and has health benefits. An income that can cover today and save for tomorrow builds a family’s solid foundation. Good health helps children stay on track at school and adults be productive at work. Remove any of these building blocks and the other two topple. Build them all up and you have a cornerstone for individual and community prosperity.
United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties is focused on supporting the education and success of children and youth, financial stability, and independence of families and individuals and healthy lives for all in the community. Through this comprehensive approach, United Way can effectively address specific local issues and create measurable change.

Community Partner Agencies

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