Master Teacher Program

Children learning on tablet


Under the supervision of a Master Teacher, early childhood teachers apply knowledge gained in classroom settings to develop positive, practical teaching skills.

The Master Teacher Program is a training program funded by the United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties. It was developed by the United Way of Central Florida in partnership with the Early Learning Coalition of Polk County, Polk State College and others.

With a focus on language development, the Master Teacher Program is designed to improve the quality of preschool experiences, while helping children to enter kindergarten ready to succeed.



  • Safe Environment
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Learning Environment
  • Physical Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Communication
  • Creative Abilities
  • Sense of Self
  • Social Competence-Character Development
  • Guidance
  • Family
  • Program Management
  • Professionalism

  • 99 Quality Indicators
  • Reddy On
  • PPVT (Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test)
  • EVT (ExpressiveVocabulary Test)

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“I sit here reflecting over the transformation occurring in our two-year-room due to the amazing skill, patience, creativity, foresight and planning of an utterly amazing Master Teacher, Michelle Dean, in just over one week’s time.

Ms. Dean walked into a classroom of exuberant little ones and two young teachers who are filled with love and creativity for the youngsters in their care.  These teachers are soaking up the wisdom and skills which have transformed this space into one the dedicated learning, fun, creativity and love with direction and purpose.  Ms. Dean has rearranged the classroom and functionally labelled the shelving with English and Spanish words, established play centers filled with fun toys and items to explore.  The room arrangement is simplistic yet unbelievable!

I am amazed at what the teachers and children have been able to bring to fruition.  I am a true believer that organized chaos can be organized fun and learning.  What a blessing United Way and their Master Teacher program has provided Magic Moments and their staff.”

-Cathy A. Clay, 5/18/2021

“Ms. Michelle was invited to work in our toddler classroom of the Master Teacher Program at United Way.  Having her in the class has 100% changed the way I see my job.  I am now excited and motivated every day I come to work.  The changes she has made to the classroom has positively changed our day schedule and has made coming into work less draining and more enjoyable.  What are so thankful to have her here!!”

-Lizbeth Santos

“Michelle working in my class with the United way Master Teacher Program has helped me immensely.  Her being in my class has motivated me to become a better version of myself for the kids.  The support and training I am receiving is life changing for my classroom.  I feel as if my class has a whole new aura.  I’m happier and the kids are happier.  Just on day 1 speaking with Michelle, I already knew how big of a blessing the program was going to be and is to my classroom.”


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