Master Teacher Program


Under the supervision of a Master Teacher, early childhood teachers apply knowledge gained in classroom settings to develop positive, practical teaching skills.

The Master Teacher Program is a training program funded by the United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties. It was developed by the United Way of Central Florida in partnership with the Early Learning Coalition of Polk County, Polk State College and others.

With a focus on language development, the Master Teacher Program is designed to improve the quality of preschool experiences, while helping children to enter kindergarten ready to succeed.


13 CDA Competencies

*      Safe Environment                                                                  Sense of Self
         Health & Nutrition                                                                 Social Competence-Character Development
*       Learning Environment                                                           Guidance
*       Physical Development                                                           Family
*       Cognitive Development                                                         Program Management
*       Communication                                                                     Professionalism
*       Creative Abilities*       


  • *      99 Quality Indicators
  • *       Reddy On
  • *       PPVT (Expressive Vocabulary Test)
  • *       EVT (Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test)