Felicia Stewart started Hope 2 Restoration: Rebuild, ReVive, ReNew Centers because she wanted it to be an organization that gives hope for change.
The Leesburg nonprofit and UWLS funded community partner helps people stuck in cycles of poverty, homelessness, domestic abuse, incarceration and more to restore their self-sufficiency.
“I want to give families the tools and resources to get back on their feet and not be in the same place at this time next year that they’re in today,” Felicia said when UWLS staff visited this week.
Hope 2 Restoration includes a food pantry, “dress for success” closet, computer lab and more. Felicia and her team also help counsel clients to help them find the resources they need.
“A lot of people don’t know what resources there are available,” she said. “So they’re stuck in generational cycles because they don’t know anything different.”
Breaking those cycles is what Hope 2 Restoration is for.
Felicia said the organization serves 3,400-3,500 families with food, job placement and more. There are new success stories every week.
Volunteers, operational items and financial resources are H2R’s greatest needs, she said.
More information about Hope 2 Restoration can be found at hope2restoration.org and facebook.com/hopetorestore