Family Stability Services

Designed to help individuals & families achieve stability

With nearly 43% of households in Lake & 37% of Sumter households living in or on the edge of poverty, according to our United Way ALICE Report, helping people pave a path to a better future is essential. That’s why we’re focused on empowering hard-working individuals and families with the tools, training and opportunities to prosper economically, including everything from financial coaching to employment services to debt management and asset building assistance.

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Celebrating Success!


Lori made the tough decision to decrease her employment status to part time in order to care for her mother with Alzheimer’s disease. Then, it was necessary to find a place for her mother in a long-term care facility.

Her part-time status coupled with the loss of income from her mother led Lori to the harrowing realization she and her 7-year-old grandson could become homeless.

Lori came to UWLS, where we were able to help her regain financial stability, keep her home and regain her full-time employment with LCS. 👏

“Gavin and I now have a home to stay in,” Lori said at a recent visit to UWLS. “I just want to thank United Way for the hand up so that we don’t have to be homeless this summer.”

We’re so happy to have helped Lori and Gavin get back on the path to success. 🙌

Lori W.

A single, working mother providing for the needs of her family while continuing her education...

To say I have been dealing with a full plate would be an understatement. I am an extremely busy single mother, who works as a part-time LPN while trying to complete Valencia’s LPN-to-RN bridge program. I made the decision to return to school for myself and my daughter, to ensure a more stable future.

During this full-year program we started out as plan but began to face financial challenges due to the high demand of the nursing program. I had to reduce my full-time status at work, to dedicate more time to studying which, in turn resulted in me getting behind on some my bills. It became very stressful and many times I wanted to quit but I knew that what was at the end of this road would be a greater reward. The United Way staff listened to our story and didn’t hesitate to help my family. Their help was a blessing from above and words alone couldn’t express gratitude, because without their help I would have had to decide whether to continue achieving my goal or stopping to take care of my family.

Thank you, United Way, so much to you and your staff for all of your hard work, its much appreciated.

Chiquita W.

An unexpected health issue leading to a loss of income...

I came into United Way of Lake and Sumter in need of rental assistance after being released form Shands hospital with a diagnosis of a brain tumor intracerebral hemorrhage. I have a very soon scheduled surgery that will have me out of work for an unknown amount of time, I am working with Social Security Administration to get benefits, but I have no idea how long that can take. But in the meantime, if I did not get help with my rent, I would lose my home.

Nishka was able to help reassure me and offer her support as I was telling her my story. To be honest, I am scared, I am really scared to have brain surgery. I am just glad that United Way is able to assist me financially during this time and I can put my focus on my health, and being homeless after brain surgery will not be another worry for me.

Thank you, United Way, for all you do.

William G.

Teacher Dealing with the effects of Long COVID...

Marilyn was a schoolteacher for over 25 years. At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, COVID-19 forever changed Marilyn’s life. It started with a cough, and then Marilyn could not get out of bed for two weeks; over that period, Marilyn could no longer work as a schoolteacher and became forced to retire. Marilyn contracted the COVID-19 virus, which made her health decline rapidly.

Over the past three years, Marilyn has been in and out of the hospital. A drastic change in her income forced Marilyn to seek assistance from the United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties. The United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties have assisted Marilyn with food during the holidays and maintaining her electricity from disconnection. As of the last six months, Marilyn’s health has shifted for the better, and she is fulfilling her passion by working from home and teaching children online.

Marilyn S.

A grandfather and his grandchildren...

Herberto and his two grandchildren moved to Florida from Pennsylvania in search of a healthier, safer life for the family unit. After relocating to Florida and looking for a job for a few weeks to complement his social security income, Heriberto started falling behind on his utility bill. As a concerned father, Heriberto resorted to calling various agencies in the Lake County area. Heriberto contacted United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties and set up an appointment with a case manager. During his first visit, Heriberto was able to receive utility assistance, which prevented him from having his power disconnected. Additionally, the case manager connected him with other agencies that provide assistance with food, clothing, and medical services. Heriberto is grateful for the assistance he received and looks forward to building a better life for him and his kids.

Herberto R.

A mother of three facing eviction...

Denise and her three children had a comfortable life living with her brother in a nice home they rented together, until her brother decided to move out to live on his own.

Denise’s income was not enough to qualify for the apartment on her own. This led to an eviction which put Denise and her kids in a hotel. Denise reached out to United of Lake and Sumter Counties with hopes that she could be assisted in finding an affordable apartment. United Way had a rapid-rehousing program at the moment for which Denise and her children qualified. Through the program, Denise was able to find housing and receive assistance with a deposit for her new apartment. In addition, Denise and her children received weekly case management in which they learned various things such as financial literacy, goal planning, and additional resources in the area. Now Denise and her kids can enjoy a safe and stable environment thanks to the assistance received and her willingness to get ahead.

Denise M.

Assistance Availability & Application iNSTRUCTIONS

IMPORTANT Note Regardinging Document Uploads

Here are some tips below to help you with completing the task of uploading documents into a PDF, which is the required document format. Any other formats will not be accepted, such as screenshots and jpeg files, etc.

If you are submitting your application via a phone or mobile device below are some apps that can assist you in turning your documents into PDF format. These apps allow you to take pictures or scan documents with your phone that can be turned into PDFs. PDFs are used in a professional setting when applying or turning in documents, not pictures taken on your phone. 

Android Users

Download the “Cam Scanner” app.

Apple/iPhone Users

Apple iPhone comes with the “Notes” app.

As of Wednesday, October 11, 2023, we have utility assistance available for:

Lake County

  • Groveland, FL, residents only

Sumter County

  • No assistance available at this time.

Utility Assistance

The below listed documents will be needed to successfully submit an application.  If application is submitted without required items in the specific quantities requested, your application will not be considered.

  • ID for all adults in household
  • SS card for all members in household including children
  • Birth Certificates for children under 18
  • Last two utility bills
  • Income from last 30 days (SS award letter, VA award letter, pay stubs showing deductions) Must currently have income to qualify (Bank statements only if self employed)