Lake County Schools reading teacher Lori Walters is a United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties Success Story.

Lori made the tough decision to decrease her employment status to part time in order to care for her mother with Alzheimer’s disease. Then, it was necessary to find a place for her mother in a long-term care facility.

Her part-time status coupled with the loss of income from her mother led Lori to the harrowing realization she and her 7-year-old grandson could become homeless.

Lori came to UWLS, where we were able to help her regain financial stability, keep her home and regain her full-time employment with LCS. 👏

“Gavin and I now have a home to stay in,” Lori said at a recent visit to UWLS. “I just want to thank United Way for the hand up so that we don’t have to be homeless this summer.”

We’re so happy to have helped Lori and Gavin get back on the path to success. 🙌