Campaign Corner: What your Investment Means to Me

The alarm buzzes at 5am, in the still of the morning I am in a deep sleep fog. What day is it and which Chamber am I to attend? I rustle myself out of the slumber of a five-hour sleep and realize that I am needed and I am a voice for those who have none. The role I perform at United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties is the Campaign Director.  This role takes one into the community to talk to employer’s and leaders about running campaigns in the workplace arena. How do we move this impactful message to make an influence within the correct realm? Let us take a moment and look at the commitment piece with my position. Long hours in my role, yes. It is, also, long days for a hungry child from their school lunch meal, to the next school lunch meal, with no food in between. Hunger affects children in our Lake and Sumter Counties daily. This is the point I get to advocate when speaking to organizations and companies. Why is it important to raise money? No child asked to be homeless or hungry. So those monies I help raise changes that picture and makes the future seem so much brighter. Catch me next month and I'll share more from the Campaign Corner at UWLS. FIGHT UNITED. WIN UNITED. LIVE UNITED.