Jeminah is friendly and enthusiastic. Her smile and excitement for learning are contagious. She loves to tease and tell jokes and makes it her goal each day to bring joy to her teachers and classmates. Born into a Haitian American family, Jeminah’s first language was Creole. English is her second language. Reading comprehension is required for success in all subjects and consistently Jeminah has struggled. Jeminah’s 3rd Grade Reading and Math scores indicated that she was performing significantly below grade level. After 5 months in 4th grade and participating in our After School BrainyActs Program, Jeminah’s Mid-Year Assessments show that she is making significant progress and is on track for making grade level expectations by the end of the year assessments. Jeminah understands that her new success is directly related to the effort she has put in. She is now volunteering to read out loud and she has tools to help her when she does not comprehend what she is reading. We are very proud of her success! Thank you United Way for supporting this program.

Brianna is an 11 year old student who lives with her grandmother, 3 brothers,and 1 female cousin. She is a hard worker and an excellent leader. Brianna says that being in BrainyActs has taught her to “never give up… even if you have to put your project back together like 800 times!” She went on to explain that she has been successful in using this idea in other areas. “in math, I asked a friend to help me practice multiplying and dividing fractions with flash cards. At home, I taught myself to do a head stand and ride a bike!”

She has seen the most evidence of personal growth in her grades. “Last year I had C’s. This year I have been on the A/B Honor Role for all 4 terms.” Brianna’s favorite memory from her two years in the Brainy Acts Program was working with the elderly at the Groveland Senior Center. Her heart for helping others can also be seen in the classroom. Brianna began our performing below grade in reading and math. This year we are pleased to report that she will begin middle school with FSA scores for Reading, Math, and Science that are at or above grade level. Thank you United Way of Lake & Sumter Counties for funding this program. It is making a difference in our children’s education.