Become a Sponsor

Sponsorships are a unique and celebratory way to share your generous donation. Whether you choose to sponsor a Veteran, Teacher, or local family, with one of our new badge sponsorship options, or you wish to sponsor a specific program, project, or event, we will then honor and celebrate your contribution with logo placement, website, and extra marketing. Becoming a sponsor elevates your exposure in our community as an individual or company who cares, shares and supports the needs of so many others.

To become a badge sponsor, simply click Become a Badge Sponsor below and select the badge you wish to sponsor. Within 48 hours, your badge will appear on our website.

Sponsor Badge In Honor of Your Veteran
Sponsor Badge - Support a Family
Sponsor Badge - Thank a Teacher

For a more information on each sponsorship opportunity and the ways in which your generosity will make a difference, view or download our 2021_UWLS_SponsorshipPacket.

UWLS Sponsor Opportunitinies Cover

Thank you to our past, present, and possibly future sponsors! It is your generous giving that continues to make the biggest difference and change the lives of those in our communities!

Publix Supe rMarket Charities with circle logo horizontal green
Kiwanas Club of Lady Lake Logo
SECO Energy logo
Team Fisher Logo
Duke Energy Logo
Charlotte Pipe & Foundry Company Logo
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