Anessa Hunt Jones

Campaign Director
352-787-7530 Ext 234
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Anessa was originally was born and raised in the eastern part of North Carolina which is a predominate farming community. Growing up in a small community that was rural taught her strong family and community values. After, graduating West Robeson Senior High School, she later moved to Lakeland Florida to attend Southeastern Christian College of the AG. Married life took her shortly thereafter to Sweden; a decade later she found her way back to Southeastern University to complete her degree in Human Services with an emphasis in the non-profit sector.

Her life has spanned from Working and living in Stockholm, Sweden with elderly and handicapped for about 5 ½ years at that time she was looking at pursuing something in the nursing field. After, struggling with the attachment of patients and experiencing the emotional attachment of patients passing; it became clear to her she was more suited for helping an organization as a voice verses the hands on of patient care. Later, here in the US she worked for a private college in the admissions department for fifteen years dealing with recruiting, enrolling, and admissions processing new students to begin their college career. It was at this junction in her career she felt a desire to do more and get involved with the community on a deeper level thus leading her to United Way through her Educational internship.

In the Resource Development Department, she currently focuses on Campaigns and fundraising for the organization. Her position takes her out in the community speaking to groups, companies, and organizations to make them aware of the rising needs in our local community that United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties supports. The message that we support education, income, and health is vital to demonstrate to those that give and donate how UWLS does this to impact the community.  This plays an impacting role in raising funds to keep our programs running and bringing the community closer together.

As a new member to the UWLS team it has been very important to gain traction and understand the workings and needs of the United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties.  She is very excited to be involved in an Executive Coaching program under the mentorship of Mrs. Marilyn Donnellan who has over 30 years’ experience as a nonprofit CEO and consultant. Marilyn has written two books and published 17 guides on nonprofit management. It is an honor to do this program with Mrs. Donnellan to grow my professional career, in the Spring of 2018 she will be seeking a certificate through the distant education program of Harvard University, and eventually wrapping up my campaign to continue building successful relationships to grow this UWLS.


In her free time, it is important to continue giving back, she seeks volunteer opportunities in the community to participate in cleanup activities, visiting the elderly, or building kits to deliver to those in need. Preparing special meals for her family and baking deserts is also a passion for her; this gives her the opportunity to share and show love to those closest to her in her life. She is also, very much up for a fun road trip to historical sites and see what our history looks like in our great homeland. She has a strong belief we can learn from our past.